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SDBikeCommuter Asks Local Businesses to Offer Biker Discounts

by Matt Metzner, published
Credit: BikeSD

Biker discounts

San Diego Bike Commuter is encouraging San Diegans to use their bicycles as a primary mode of transportation around the city. The group established a website that provides a forum for bikers in the city and a biker discount program at local businesses. partners with local businesses around San Diego and asks them to offer discounts on food, beer, etc. when you roll into their business on a bike. The participating businesses pay a $50 fee that keeps the website up and covers the cost of a sign that lets bikers know the business offers the discount. The businesses are plotted on their map that’s freely shareable by users, and informs bikers on where the participating business is located and the discount they offer.

Discounts range from five to eighteen percent off food, coffee, medical services, or auto repair. The participating businesses are divided by neighborhood and include two businesses outside San Diego. North Park currently hosts the most participating businesses of any other neighborhood in the area with South Park and Hillcrest following closely behind.

The SDBikeCommuter forum hosts discussions on bike laws, local events, route advice, stolen bike recovery help, and a link to the RidetheCity map. The map helps bikers find the best route from point A to point B while plotting bike shops around the city.

The group is reaching out to local businesses around San Diego who may participate in the program and offer bikers an incentive to ride into their shop. Bikers are being recruited to pull their favorite businesses into the program and incentivize sustainable transportation in the city.

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