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Social Media Roundup Election Day 2012

by Jane Susskind, published

In what has already become the most "social" election in history, voters take to the Internet to express patriotism, share opinions, and encourage voting. Social media roundup election day 2012 coverage includes socially savvy voters and uses of media around the Internet on November 6, 2012.

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Social Media Spreading Democracy Nationwide

How are people using social media to spread the word about voting? On Election Day, Pew Internet & American Life Project presents three key findings:

  • 22% of registered voters have let others know how they voted on a social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • 30% of registered voters have been encouraged to vote for Democrat Barack Obama or Republican Mitt Romney by family and friends via posts on social media such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • 20% of registered voters have encouraged others to vote by posting on a social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter.

Also, check out how Social Media Sparks Democracy, One Click at a Time.

Facebook's Real Time Map of Voting Across the US

Need more proof that the election has become the most "social" election in history? Look no further than Facebook's real-time map of voting, showing voting patterns and polling check-ins from across the country on one simple, sleek map.

Social Media Roundup Election Day 2012

The map shows the location and frequency of people on Facebook who have clicked on an Election Day prompt and shared that they're voting with their friends and family on Facebook.

Social Media Roundup Election Day 2012The map can also be broken down by state, with statistics on "Who's Voting," organized by gender, age, and votes per hour.

Taken at around 2:40pm Ohio time, the map shows the number of statewide voters in real-time, with the peak time and demographic. The dots or "bursts" of activity update as people share that they're voting. The larger the burst, the higher the number of people voting in the region.

Find your state or view the US map in fullscreen here.

Tumbling The Election

Tumblr, the photo sharing blogging website, hosts endless memes, GIFs, political cartoons, and cats that are sure to lighten the mood on this historical day. You can also view staff picks at "Tumbling the Election."

Below are a few highlights: 

What a two-party system looks like, in terms of ketchup:

"Partysystems," Credit: Binders Full of Burgers

If there's one thing the Internet can't get enough of, it's cats.

Credit: "Tumbling the Elections"

Social Media Roundup Election Day 2012

Presidential candidates' closing arguments on Tumblr:

Social Media Roundup Election Day 2012 Closing


Trending on Twitter today is #VoteObama, promoted by the Obama campaign, #ivoted, #tcot (top Conservative on Twitter), Happy Election Day, #RomneyRyan2012, and America.

Appearing on the ballot in Colorado, Florida, and California, comedian and Peace and Freedom Party candidate Roseanne Barr was trending as well.

And to everyone tweeting photos of their completed ballots as a symbol of their civic engagement, you're breaking the law.

"The idea of showing off a completed ballot on Twitter, Instagram or some other social media site wasn't considered by the Founding Fathers."

Obama is currently the most tweeted about candidate in the swing states:

At around 4:45pm PST, 7:45pm EST, Twitter set a new record, with number of tweets surrounding election 2012, and the results have barely started:

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