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Bilbray/Peters Race could determine winner in Mayor’s Race

by Blaz Gutierrez, published

mayor's race

It just so happens that the majority of those considered to be San Diego’s “swing” voters reside in the area covered by the 52nd Congressional District. The success that Bilbray and Peters have in rallying independent voters to the polls may shape the outcome of the Mayor’s race. With two weeks to go, 9% of the early returns in the 52nd have been from voters who have declined to state a party affiliation.

The maps below illustrate just how much the Congressional District coexists with the City of San Diego where voters will soon elect a new mayor. The charts illustrate just how many decline to state voters are in the Congressional District, within the city of San Diego and how many intersect.

The Congressional candidates are reaching out to independent voters and if they are successful at bringing them to the polls, these same voters may be the determining factor in the Mayoral race. Independent voters make up an astonishing 27% of the voting population, the candidates just need to get them to the polls. Of the overlapping territory, independent voters comprise 14.8% of the electorate.

This overlap may lead to previously unheard of synergies between the Mayoral and Congressional races in San Diego. It also signals new influence held by independent voters.

Mayor's Race Overlaps with Congressional District


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