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What are the differences between Prop 30 and Prop 38?

by Lucas Eaves, published

California's education system will be at the center of the November election as two propositions are addressing the issue of the school funding.

On the one hand you have proposition 30, supported by Governor Brown, will increase funding for schools through two key fundraising provisions: a raise of the state sales tax  as well as an increase of the income tax of the three highest income brackets.

On the other hand you have proposition 38, supported by millionaire Molly Munger, will also raise the funding for school but through a different fiscal scheme. The proposition will create a graduated income tax increase for a 12 year period that will be applicable to most income brackets.

Beyond these main differences, many other parts of the propositions differ. The following infographic, provided for EdSource, will help you understand how the two proposition interact with each other and help you make up you mind.

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