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Hernandez and Maienschein in Northern San Diego, AD 77

by Emma Goda, published

The Assembly District 77 race is between Hernandez and Maienschein in Northern San Diego County. The two candidates are currently campaigning on platforms that focus on improving the economy and securing education.

RJ Hernandez (D)

RJ Hernandez is a businessman that has years of experience working as a laborer, founded businesses, and is a world traveler. Hernandez is the first member of his family to formally attend college and earn a degree. RJ is an entrepreneur in San Diego and, before graduating college, was hired as the youngest regional sales manager for a local construction company. He later became the youngest VP of the company. Now, Hernandez is helping others create and live the American Dream in San Diego.

Hernandez's main focus is job creation and getting Californians back to work. His plan includes going business to business connect with business owners and help them create jobs. Other top priorities include public safety, balancing the budget, reforming pensions, and securing education. Day 1 in office, Hernandez says plans on cutting his own salary in half to help the people of San Diego. He is also interested in helping voters reclaim and retain their voice and power.

Brian Maienschein (R) 

Brian Maienschein formerly served as a San Diego Council for eight years. He has preserved over 11,000 acres of San Pasqual Valley from development, been selected as the first Commissioner of the Plan to End Chronic Homelessness, and received the District Attorney’s Crime Victims Rights Award. Before Brian was elected to city council, he served as Executive Directer of the Youth Court which helped forge partnerships between law enforcement and schools to get first time juvenile offenders back on track.

Maienschein's main focus will be to reduce unemployment and help provide Californians with jobs. He wants to help government remove the hurdles that prevent economic growth and drive California companies to other states. His other focuses include protecting education and implementing fiscal reform to reduce spending.

Both Hernandez and Maienschein are local San Diegens and are highly qualified for the position of Assemblyman, particularly with their extensive public service and business experience.




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