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Twitter Highlights of the Debate

by Emma Goda, published
Twitter highlights of the debate curated from IVN San Diego's #indyvote Tweet Chat

Twitter highlights of the debate

Did you miss last night's final Presidential debate? As Barack Obama and Mitt Romney took the stage, voters across the country signed on to Twitter to follow the debate, while we live-blogged the whole thing. As the online community followed the trends, we curated our list of Twitter highlights of the debate.

Twitter highlights of the debate seem to be the most entertaining of them all. Last night IVN hosted a tweet chat using the hashtag #Indyvote and you see below how our viewers reacted to the Presidential debate.

Favorite Tweets by @IVNSD

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How did we survive before Twitter and our ability to instantaneously interact with like minded people on a daily basis? Twitter has changed the way we watch and interact in the political world. Judging by the Twitter highlights of the debate, the social network has been effective in providing a platform for independent-minded voters to voice their opinions. Before the advent of social media, the voices of independent voters was often times ignored, but as technology advances, it paves way for alternative voices.

Did we miss any Twitter highlights of the debate? How has Twitter changed your political views this election?

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