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Some of the Best Pho Joints In San Diego

by bizurk, published

Californians, especially San Diegans, love trying new things.  While some remain stalwarts in the spicy food sector, others munch adventurously - always down to try new things.  Asian cuisine, Pho in particular, is a weekly (sometimes daily) staple for most folks.  With countless options around the city, here are some places that have some of the finest Pho in San Diego.

"What is Pho?" one may ask.

Pho is a soothing broth typically served with beef, vegetables, sprouts, egg noodles, basil, and other personally preferred ingredients.  The dish reared its head in the early twentieth century in Vietnam, in the province of Nam Dinh, where it was typically sold by individual merchants.  It wasn't until the 1920s until the first pho restaurant opened in Hanoi.  Every restaurant typically has their own variation, so once again, the consumers personal preference comes into play.

Pho Cali

The waiters will never let your water glass dwindle, they will bring you extra limes and jalapenos, and generally have a nice demeanor. The egg rolls are pretty good some of the best I've had. If one is looking for a quick, good, and cheap meal, this is the place to hit up. When the pho is over and it's time to pay, it is customary at this establishment to take your check up to the nice lady in the back. Going in knowing this is beneficial, so you wont be sitting there awkwardly waiting for someone to come take your credit card to pay. Try a thai tea on the way out - it could be the beginning of a longstanding addiction.

OB Noodle House

Unfortunately there was an hour wait. Upon sitting down at the table, there seemed to be someone's old receipt. It had about fifty beers and other drinks all listed out which totaled a few hundred dollars. "Wow someone had a really good time at this table...". When the waiter walked up, he was very laid back just like everyone in the place, but still a great waiter. He grabbed the old receipt and explained that this was in fact the drink menu. Ordered a few beers, some pho, egg rolls, and a plate of chicken fried rice. Everything. Was. Delicious. Great food. If one is looking for a quiet place to eat, this is definitely not it. Most of the customers had been partying all night, or were just getting started. So if you can stand the occasional "CHUG, CHUG, CHUG!!!", cheering, and clapping - definitely check out OB Noodle House.

Pho Sao Bien

After a few weeks of non stop pho action at Pho Cali, another pho joint was recommended in Pacific Beach. The place looks a little sketchy from the outside late at night, but it's definitely worth the drive and battle for on street parking. No fun and entertaining story for this place, just all around good service and great cheap pho. The egg rolls here are unique compared to the other places, crunchy on the outside and slightly chewy in the middle. It may sound strange to some but it was pretty delicious and highly recommended. The Thai tea here is also great, so don't forget to order one on your long journey back home from pho land.

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