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Do You Namaste at Core Power Yoga?

by Emma Goda, published

Many may ask what is yoga? Yoga is learning of postures that involve deep breathing, body movement and position and was originated in India over 5,000 years ago. Yoga can be practiced by all ages, and provides numerous benefits, reduces stress, and increases the flexibility of your body. The practice of yoga in the United States dates back to the early Twentieth Century when cultural exchanges began between yoga proponents from the Far East and a group of healthy living advocates in America.

Core Power Yoga, with over ten locations in the San Diego, area offers yogis hot yoga classes seven days a week, and offers over sixteen classes a day.  They provide you with the option of hot yoga, or bikram, which refers to yoga exercise performed under temperatures during the hot yoga classes range from ninety-five to one hundred degrees and provide you with an intense workout.

They offer new yogis a complimentary week of yoga to come and try them out. Core Power Yoga believes that anyone can do yoga with the right attitude and the right instructor and that all individuals should live an extraordinary life.

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