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Edmonton Internet Voting Jellybean Election Open to Everyone

by Dr. William J. Kelleher, published

A mock jellybean election will test Edmonton's internet voting system

Yes folks, no typo. The Edmonton, Canada 2012 Internet Voting Jellybean Color Election is open to anyone wishing to participate, including foreigners from the USA! Edmonton is the capital of Alberta (about 500 miles north of Great Falls, Montana). They are planning to employ Internet voting in their November 2013 general election.

You can participate in this historic experience simply by going to the city’s website  and clicking on “Registration.”  Type in, and make a note of, your password. You can enter any old address, but use this Postal Code: T5A 0A1. Then when you are asked for your ID, click on “Other document.” They will send you your Voter’s PIN in a couple of days. (Giving false registration info is NOT a crime for this contest.)

The Voter Registration System will be open until Thursday, November 1, 2012. Voting will begin on Monday October 22, 2012, and be open 24/7 until November 2d.

Vote for your favorite color jellybean: Black, Green, Red, or Yellow

If you take their survey after you vote, you’ll be entered in a drawing for $500 credit on your Master Card.

Be Bold – try it! We’ll be doing it in the USA someday!

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