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Down to the Wire: Last Day to Register to Vote in SD October 22

by Blake Bunch, published
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last day to register to vote October 22

With election day falling on Tuesday, November 6, the last day to register to vote in California is Monday, October 22.  This being said, San Diegans have several options regarding where/how to register for this election whether they are voting in person locally, or casting their ballot by any other means of voting.

If one decides to register as a San Diego County resident, they can:

  • register online at California's governmental website on or before October 22;
  • pick up a hard copy of a registration form from state sanctioned buildings (public libraries, post offices, and other government buildings) - then mail it in to county Registrar of Voters;
  • or print an online registration form from the registration section of the California Government site; then send in registration form by "snail mail" to state or county election officials.

Voters who wish to register to vote in another county in California must complete the fill - in vote by mail application, along with their county's ballot for the ability to vote by mail.

In order to register to vote in another state besides California, voters should:

  • Adhere to voter registration requirements in their state, providing necessary documents to ensure registration.
  • Get online at  Rock The Vote to find out registration requirements in the a given state, which is one of many sites to provide such information.
  • If voting absentee, make sure to have their vote arrive on or before Election Day.

Since the voter registration process varies from state to state, it is necessary for a voter to register prior to their state's set deadline.

These election results will ultimately have major implications for San Diegans, as well as all United States citizens.  Although most registration deadlines for individual states have passed, it is still physically plausible to register to vote in California - granted it is in a timely fashion before October 22.

Any further questions regarding "late" voter registration can be directed to the Registrar of Voters at  858.565.5800.

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