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Top 10 Tweets of the Vice Presidential Debate

by Jane Susskind, published
Joe Biden and Paul Ryan took the stage last night in Danville, Kentucky. We've compiled this list of the best tweets of the Vice Presidential Debate.

Tweets of the Vice Presidential Debate

Last night, vice presidential candidates Joe Biden and Paul Ryan took to the stage at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky to debate the economy, foreign policy, medicare, social security, and abortion. Meanwhile, the internet community was actively tweeting the debate, sending a total of 3.5 million tweets during the vice presidential debate. While this is only one-third the amount of tweets sent during the first presidential debate between President Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan sparked some interesting conversation online. The internet community jumped on the opportunity to capitalize on the newly released workout photos of Paul Ryan, quickly generating a series of internet memes poking fun at the photos. Joe Biden's smile also received a lot of attention on Twitter, prompting someone to create the parody account @LaughinJoeBiden which now has almost 10,000 followers. To highlight the best tweets of the night, here are the top 10 tweets of the vice presidential debate:

1) What Andrew Kaczynski of Buzzfeed gathered from the debate is that apparently, America wants to see Paul Ryan shirtless. Just one of the many findings from Google after the one and only Vice Presidential debate.

2) Some post-debate speculation from California humorist.

3) As with the first presidential debate, the internet was buzzing with drinking game rules.

4) The twitter parody account @PaulRyanGosling didn't disappoint with this tweet, as the Hey Girl, It's Paul Ryan tumblr account followed suit spoofing the pictures of Paul Ryan working out released by Time into a widely circulated meme.

5) Speaking of those photos of Paul Ryan working out...

6) Media Matters picks a political cartoon to depict last night's debate, highlighting the attention placed on Biden's smile during the debate.

7) A glimpse into what it would look like if Joe Biden and Paul Ryan switched hairstyles.

8) Joe Biden was perceived to have performed much better than President Obama. Omar L. Gallaga, tech culture writer for CNN, attributes this to Red Bull.

9) Donald Trump keeps it real, sharing his honest opinion of the candidates' debate performances.

10) And a great summary of last night's debate.

Did we miss any? Share your comments and best tweets below!

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