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Clinton CIA Director Supports Independent Candidate Bill Bloomfield

by Shawn M. Griffiths, published

The Bill Bloomfield for Congress campaign released a new television ad on Tuesday that features former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) James Woolsey. Woolsey, who served under Bill Clinton's administration, praised Bloomfield for his role in helping pro-democracy efforts in Iran and Syria during his time as a private citizen.

“Bill Bloomfield has been of critical help in supporting operational work assisting pro-democracy dissidents in Syria and Iran. This is work that would not have happened without Bill’s assistance. Our efforts in this regard can ultimately make the citizens of Israel as well as the United States safer,” stated Woolsey

Bloomfield, a former Republican, is running as an independent candidate for California’s 33rd Congressional District against incumbent Henry Waxman (D). He dropped the party label after Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) openly stated that the number one priority for officials in the Republican Party was to get President Barack Obama out of office.

Running under No Party Preference, Bill Bloomfield is considered by many political analysts and pundits to have the best chance of any independent candidate running in California to win elected office. He has the support of many Republicans and conservatives, but the Bloomfield campaign is strategically going after Democratic voters who would typically vote solely along party lines under the old electoral system.

In his response to Woolsey’s remarks, Bill Bloomfield stated:

“I passionately believe in democracy, human rights and individual freedom for all peoples. I have fought for those principles both here and abroad. I am humbled that as a private citizen I have been able to make a positive difference and help support dissidents in Syria and Iran who are suffering under violently repressive regimes. I’m grateful for the kind words of Mr. Woolsey. As a Member of Congress, I will expand on my work to support those who are committed to human rights and freedom around the world and to ensure the safety of the United States and the State of Israel.”

The endorsement from James Woolsey has serious implications for Henry Waxman’s campaign. It puts the incumbent Democrat in an awkward position because, under the old system, Rep. Waxman could run a campaign with an antiwar message without actually being antiwar. Now, Bloomfield has an opportunity to reach out to traditional Democrats who may not be too pleased with Waxman’s record on foreign policy.

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