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UPDATE: Rep. Cliff Stearns Concedes Florida Race

by Kymberly Bays, published

UPDATE: The Associated Press is now reporting Rep. Cliff Stearns has conceded to Ted Yoho in Florida's 3rd congressional district.

A surprise upset in Florida's primary election has Republican Congressman Cliff Stearns trailing political unknown Ted Yoho by 829 votes, but refusing to concede the race.

63,690 votes were tallied in total.

The Florida Times-Union reports:

For an automatic recount to occur, there has to be less than a one-half of 1 percent margin of victory. An official number must be determined within three days after the primary. Yoho unofficially won Tuesday by 1.1 percent. Stearns said he would not concede. "Since this is a close primary vote and we still need to make sure all voices are heard, we are awaiting the certified results," the campaign said in a statement.

Rep. Stearns was considered a relative shoe-in for the Republican primary. He has been a congressman for over 20 years, had plenty of campaign money, and handled high-profile political issues as Chairman of a contentious House subcommittee.

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