Video: What You Should Know About School Choice

In a lot of ways, school choice programs, though perceived as a draconian libertarian policy, are similar to the single-payer policy that many progressives want for health care. School choice doesn’t mean leaving disadvantaged parents without a way to afford their children’s education.

It means letting the government act as a single payer for education costs, but letting parents choose how to use that money to educate their child in a way that works best for them and their child instead of letting just a few government planners make those choices for everyone.

Watch below:

After watching the short video above, do you want a specific example of cost-cutting and educational improvement as a result of school choice? Look no further than the federal government’s own study of its own school choice program– the DC voucher program that Washington policymakers ended despite sitting on the results of this study.

On a cost benefit basis, school choice programs deliver. They create better educational results at a lower cost. Why not implement them more, especially when education budgets are swallowing up the finances of so many states?