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Poll Tracker: Get Updated on Polling Info In Real-Time

by Amanda Le, published

Do you want to be updated on campaign polls the instant they’re released? Do you have an iPhone? Unfortunately (for now) those two points are mutually reliant as Talking Points Memo, a political news organization based around the digital realm, just released their new free app. Poll Tracker, the app that consolidates information from TPM's more detailed political vertical, can send you notifications the minute new poll information is released. The new information goes straight to your iPhone and presents stats on the presidential race in the form of quick graphic visuals. And just in time, as Election Day is vastly approaching.

The app is just a mini form of Poll Tracker which claims to be the most “The Most Accurate and Up-to-Date Poll Reporting”. Its sources include Gallup and Rasmussen and targets two essential groups according to the editor and publisher of TPM, Josh Marshall. It targets a wide spectrum of political information consumers; from the consistently up-to-date political devotees such as reporters and columnists to American voters just now scrounging for information before Election Day.

Josh Marshall, the editor and publisher of TPM says regarding the app:

And if you’re a real campaign junkie like me: real-time notifications. Just choose the races you want to follow on the app and you’ll get notified the moment a new poll from that race is released. For me, finding out a day or even a few hours later that a big presidential poll came out isn’t good enough. I want to know right away. Like — gimme my crack! — right away.

And why just for the iPhone? Marshall says that iPhone users best reflect TPM followers. But for all you anti-Apple fiends, there's still hope - the company says that if there is enough demand for the app, they may consider branching out to a version for the Android operating platform.

Here’s a quick infographic on the growing prevalence of apps... just in case you're not quite on the app bandwagon yet.

Will you be downloading the new app? And if so, do you think the app would benefit from posting polling info on third party candidates?

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