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Justin Amash & Rand Paul Super PAC Solicits Job Applicants

by Chad Peace, published

The Concerned American Voters (CAV) Super PAC is a newly formed PAC that "seeks to elect principled constitutionalists to public office." It's most notable supporters are Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, and Representative Justin Amash of Michigan, who boast in a recent email about their most recent successful victory in of helping Ted Cruz win his U.S. Senate primary in Texas. But this Justin Amash and Rand Paul PAC isn't going to operate like your typical multi-million dollar Koch-like operation.

The Super PAC is now looking for 20 full-time activists to operate a high-tech phone bank and turn out voters from their homebase Arlington, VA.  "Only the most committed activists can handle it," it says their latest unsolicited e-mail.  You will work 8-12 hours, 6-7 days a week they say, at a rate of $200/week, plus lodging and meals.

In this downtrodden economy, maybe this is an attractive offer to someone trying to break into the political world.  Or is the Justin Amash and Rand Paul Super PAC overly optimistic about the ability to entice quality activist labor?

Editor's Note: For those that have requested the link: You can apply here.


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