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Justin Catlin & The President of Brazil

by George Mitrovich, published

Justin Catlin, won the 110-meter semis on Sunday at the Olympics in 9.82 seconds, posting a faster time in the semi-finals than Ursain Bolt.

When asked by an NBC reporter after his amazing race what it meant? Mr. Caitlin said, “It’s not about me it’s about America.”

Pay attention to those words, “It’s not about me it’s about America”, because those words were spoken by a black man.

The love that blacks have for our country, their sense of patriotism, given all that’s happened and continues to happen to African-Americans, never ceases to amaze me, and is a constant challenge to my own sense of patriotism.

In 1970 a 22-year old woman belonging to an urban guerrilla organization in Brazil was captured. She was imprisoned, stripped of her clothing, hung upside down and tortured with electric shocks to her ears and feet.

Her name: Dilma Rousseff, and today she's president of Brazil!

Here's the story from Sunday’s New York Times front page:

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