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The World According to Stereotypes: Part 1

by Lucas Eaves, published

As a French living in the U.S., I have faced many stereotypes and have had to deny most of them. Stereotypes can be offensive, weird, very true, funny, or plain stupid. In any case, they are a part of any experience abroad, so we better get used to it. Overall, I think that stereotypes are interesting, as they force us to reflect on the way we are seen by the rest of the world, for better or for worse. Thus, I will be posting regularly on the topic from various angles.

For this first post, I decided to focus on various maps highlighting our different visions of the world, from the French and American point of view.

The world according to the French (or more precisely Parisians) :


The world according to the American:


Europe according to the French:

Europe according to the American:

I know that the two examples from the French point of view are sadly quite true for the most part. Is it the same with the American examples?

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