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DCCC Stalking Candidates?

by Kymberly Bays, published

Concerns over potential invasion of privacy has lawmakers from both parties railing against certain campaign behavior they say is going "too far". As Politico originally reports, House members have sent a letter to both the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee concerning tactics used by political trackers.

“We believe filing candidates, sometimes with hidden cameras, while they take care of routine family activities like grocery shopping and posting videos of their private residences is a step too far,” says the letter.

Rep. Reid Ribble, a Wisconsin Republican, and Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Democrat from Ohio, authored the letter. It collected roughly 50 bipartisan signatures by Wednesday night.

It comes after a 30-second video recording of the outside of Rep. Ribble's Wisconsin home was posted on YouTube, a result of Democratic trackers, according to a previous Politico report. The instance caused media attention on DCCC tactics in July.

Politico continues:

"The DCCC has stood by its practice of filming homes and placing them on YouTube, arguing that it wants to cast House Republicans — especially those who are wealthy and have large homes — as out of touch with struggling American families. By placing the videos online, the DCCC is hoping that like-minded outside groups will use the footage in TV ads this fall."

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