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Conservative Likens Chick-fil-a Supporters to Segregationists

by Chad Peace, published

RJ Harris may not be a high profile name outside of "constitutional conservative" circles, but his comments blasting Chick-fil-a supporters as anti-Christian as today's version of the 1960's segregationists could bring some attention to his bid in Oklahoma's 4th Congressional District.

From his campaign website:

'Good' Christians are calling the recent anti-gay marriage statements of Chick fil a’s president free speech or the actions of a good man standing up for traditional family values which are claimed to be based upon Christianity. Yet I am having a very difficult time believing that Jesus, the man famous for earning the ill-repute of the Pharisees for ministering to sinners with love and compassion, would approve of Mr. Cathy’s comments. Honestly who thinks that the man who taught “do unto others as you would have done to you and love your neighbor as yourself and love the sinner and hate the sin,” would instruct his followers to attack and degrade, even in a passive way, the very same people he himself loved enough to die for?

This is the reason we are commanded to “judge not lest we be judged.” For how will Christians, famous now for attacking the Gay community, ever be able to share the Gospel with them? What has happened to the vast witness of Christianity, commanded in the Great Commission, when the ENTIRE religion now has stood up to be counted as bigoted and hateful towards a community within our midst? Are Gay lost souls not worth the same in Heaven as Strait lost souls!? Is the best way to witness to them to attack them and their way of life…or wouldn’t it be best to show them love, kindness, compassion and charity in the EXACT same way as did the Christ? Mr. Cathy, my advice to you is to go back to what you are good at–making chicken–and stop trying to see past the log in your own eye to remove the speck from your brother’s.

And onto his Facebook page:

Last election, RJ Harris ran as a Republican against incumbent Republican Tom Cole, taking 23% of the vote.  This year, he will be squaring  off against the Congressman again, but this time as an independent. Harris boasts endorsements from Senator Rand Paul and several prominent Tea Party groups on his website.  He also calls himself a "Constitutional Conservative."

Will this boost RJ's appeal to voters outside the GOP? After the Tea Party success of Ted Cruz, who was supported by Chick-fil-a supporters Sarah Palin, Rand Paul and all the big Tea Party players, has RJ Harris put his Rand Paul and Tea Party endorsements in jeopardy? or Both?


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