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Second Amendment Rights Under Fire

by Matt Metzner, published

The NRA cashes out on promoting their protection of Second Amendment rights from gun hogging liberals. But, there’s a big secret in the US that the NRA and gun-rights activists don’t want you to know. It is, that no one is trying to take your guns.

The message that a group is trying to steal guns away from Americans is simply unfounded. There’s no evidence that gun laws are getting any tighter, or that they might become more stringent, or that they even work!

Many of us buy into this message and rush out to purchase more guns before we are forbidden from doing so in the future. This is especially true in election years as gun policies are debated, but rarely implemented. This year, some retailers are seeing their sales increase up to 30%.

This increase and message comes as the NRA points to President Obama and his policies as hazardous to our Second Amendment rights. When in fact the President has done next to nothing on gun reform. In actuality he has relaxed gun laws by allowing us to carry concealed and loaded handguns in national parks. But we are still buying what the NRA is selling, and consequently more weapons.

To make the message a bit cleared the Baltimore Sun published this cartoon:

Credit: Baltimore Sun

Our Second Amendment rights aren’t under fire. Politicians aren’t trying to take our guns, and there is a clear motive not to try to (re-election). It’s time to stop buying into the fear mongering and the baseless rhetoric.

Gun owners can sleep soundly tonight knowing that their hobby is safe and that Democrats aren’t out to get their guns. The Second Amendment is here to stay and preserving it is a hollow enterprise as no one is attacking our rights.

For more information on the NRA, their attacks on Democrats, and the truth, check out this page from PolitiFact.

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