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Thunderclap: A New Form of "Crowd Speaking"

by Amanda Le, published

Recently, a new way to get your message heard on Twitter is by “Thunderclapping”. The idea that was created and headlined by the product development studio De-De utilizes Twitter as a basis for the new product.

“Twitter is a wonderful way to say something, but it’s a difficult way to be heard...This is a way to break through that.” says Hashem Bajwa, De-De’s CEO.

In essence, the technology dubbed Thunderclap encourages anyone who is plugged in to repeat the same message all at the same time in hopes of creating mass attention to a specific cause. The way it works: A user promotes their cause by inviting others to a link that, if authorized, will allow their message to be tweeted from the invited’s own personal accounts. From there, the message creates a wave on a “simultaneous scale” that will, if done right, be seen by millions of Twitter users.

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The new technology holds potential to be an extremely effective PR tool and politicians and organizations have apparently noticed. This, along with the company being a stem off of Droga5 (the widely popular ad agency that was associated with the “Get out the Vote” campaign in 2008) made it no surprise when De-De teamed up with Jeanne Shaheen and Glen Beck. The two figures were the first to participate in a Thunderclap virtual war or “social media duel” that, on Tuesday, challenged Shaheen and Beck to get the most people on board with their Thunderclap. Condensing their causes to 140 character messages, Shaheen went with “Let’s create jobs by bringing the Shaheen-Portman bipartisan energy efficiency bill to the floor” while Beck promoted “#RestoringLove is the next step in the movement of peace and freedom. Be a part of history and help restore America.”

With Matt Taibbi's debut Thunderclap reaching 4.2 million social media users, the use of the Thunderclap could be a rising trend in social media and technology. This being said, I can’t help but be concerned with the overwhelming Twitter congestion that could result by many of those equipped with high self esteem and a message.

Are you on board with the idea of Thunderclap?

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