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California State Capitol Roundup

by Lucy Ma, published

Here's your midweek news update:

Tuesday, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that will allow the Fair Political Practices Commission- the state campaign finance watchdog- to enforce campaign finance rules in San Bernardino County. This marks a first for the FPPC which has never before contracted with a county to help enforce campaign contribution limits. Assemblyman Paul Cook, R- Yucca Valley, authored the bill in hopes that the partnership will not only prove to be smart policy but also a money saving measure.

More on the issue from the San Bernardino Sun:


Republican super PACs are out-fundraising left leaning PACs by nearly three to one. The GOP's massive fundraising advantage and cash on hand could prove to be problematic for Democrats as we head into the final months of the 2012 campaign season.

Here's more from the Los Angeles Times:,0,2738940.story


Brock McCleary, deputy political director for the National Republican Congressional Committee, has provided an update on the dozen or so contested House races in the state of California. It appears the NRCC is fairly optimistic toward the outcomes of these key races.  Of course, these are the very same races Democrats are gearing up to win in order to regain a majority in the House. The two parties aren't seeing eye to eye.

The full Los Angeles Times article is available here:


The state of California and local municipalities are again engaging in a money tussle. Cities across California have received letters demanding "repayment" to the state for what they owe in redevelopment funds. Instead of sending a check for the alleged dues, a few cities have instead opted to sue the state.

More from the San Francisco Chronicle:


Health insurance companies are set to send out rebate checks to consumers across California next week. This is a direct result of the federal Affordable Care Act which requires providers to spend at least 80% of the premium directly on health care costs. Those that have failed to meet the mandate in 2011  are now required to provide a refund accordingly.

The full Sacramento Bee article is available here:

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