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Mitt Romney's Not Having a Good Year

by Matt Metzner, published

Humor has an odd way of bringing to light the absurdity of the things said by Mitt Romney, and once again Stephen Colbert has nailed him for one of his disconnected statements. During a $50k per plate campaign fundraising dinner in Mississippi, Romney pointed out that the middle class "isn’t having a good year." While addressing the audience Mitt said:

“I know that people in this room are probably doing relatively well … but not everyone in America is doing so well right now … the waiters and waitresses that come in and out of this room and offer us refreshments, they’re not having a good year.”

Mitt Romney has already had plenty of trouble trying to connect with…well anyone that isn’t filthy rich. But, even for Mitt taking a shot at the people offering him refreshments is pretty bad. It is the latest installment of "what did he just say?" coming from the presidential hopeful.

The video posted below highlights a few of Romney’s other attempts to connect with the average Joe as he continues to show a large disconnect from the reality of American life:

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Now that we all know that Mitt drives a Mustang, has eaten cheesy grits, knows that 7-Elevens exist, and strange things are happening to could we not feel like he's one of us? Let’s just say he’s not having a good year showing that he may in fact be human.

The video forgot to include a few other gems including his reference to the NASCAR teams his friends own during a visit to Daytona, or that he likes Michigan because all the trees are the right height.

Mitt has a few months to prove that he doesn't have the personality of a 2x4 or has a money tree growing in one of his backyards. But until he crawls out from under his rock we can all assume that he has no idea what Americans like and have a good collective laugh at his attempts to connect.

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