Today's News Tips: July 16, 2012

Today’s News Tips. Your Independent Breakdown of What’s Breaking in a News Tips Sheet.

Salon – Conservatism Makes You Happy!
A poll shows that conservatives at all income levels are happier than liberals, citing less neurosis.

WaPo – Dems Threatening Financial Cliff
The party is planning to only put forward tax proposals that would do away with the Bush tax cuts. Obama will veto any cuts for people making over $250k.

AP – Repealing Obamacare Tougher Than Republicans Portend
The party is running on the repeal of the health care law, but it would not be easy to do because they must first pass a budget, then revamp food stamps, taxes, Medicare, and defense spending.

Atlantic – ‘Bain Capital’ Searches Spiking in Swing States
Voters in the key swing states are diving deeper into Bain Capital. This should be the scariest moment of Romney’s summer.

Bloomberg – 1,000 Counties Declared Drought Emergency Areas
This is the largest designation in history. It also allows farmers to get low interest loans that will help them combat drought, wildfires, and other disasters.

LA Times – 80% of New Jobs Going to Men
Since the end of the recession in June 2009, 80% of the 2.6M new jobs have gone to men due to manufacturing rebound.

POLITICO – Worst Endorsement of A Sitting Politician
“John Conyers get our endorsement, but it is mostly with the hope that he will soon retire from Congress and the district will produce a more viable alternative.” – Detroit Free Press

Time – Inside the Large Hadron Collider
Take an interactive tour of the particle collider.

AP – Red Cross Calling Syria a Civil War
The International Committee of the Red Cross now states that the conflict is a civil war, therefor international humanitarian law applies.

Bloomberg – NE is Capital of Town Collapse
CA has been in the news, but NE has 1/5 of the country’s municipal collapses as private subdivisions file for Chapter 9.