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Today's News Tips: July 9, 2012

by Matt Metzner, published

Today's News Tip Sheet. Your Independent Breakdown of Today's News.

IVN – Health Care Decision by an Expert

Constitutional law scholar Daniel Farber opines on the Supreme Court’s health care decision and gives us a glimpse into the effects of the decision.

WaPo – Syria Opposition Says Death Toll Over 17,000

After months of fighting between a rebel group and the Assad regime the opposition claims that over 17,000 people have died as a result.

AP – Romney Outraises Obama 106-71

The President was thoroughly squashed in June fundraising by Mitt Romney as he only collected $71M in comparison to $106M the GOP hopeful pulled in.

AP – Why Is Julian Assange in an Ecuadorian Embassy?

The article breaks down several common questions regarding why the journalist is taking refuge in the London embassy and what could happen in the future.

Al Jazeera – What Safeguards are in Place for Afghanistan Aid?

97% of the country’s GDP is foreign aid and an additional $16B was pledged to the country that also has widespread corruption.

Reuters – Gov. Rick Perry Rejecting ACA Provisions in TX The Texas governor is rejecting two key provisions of the health care law, the Medicaid expansion and the health insurance exchange.

Reuters – Life After Gaddafi

The author was 15 years old the last time her country voted, 47 years later she reflects on the differences between then and now.

Salon – LIBOR Scandal Biggest Violation of Public Trust

The interbank loan scandal could be this most egregious sin of big banks, even bigger than the housing crisis argues the author.

Ars Technica – Major Int’l Shift in Copyright

For the first time ever the international group that collaborates to create international copyright law has recognized exceptions and limitations.

Slate – Media Gaffes on Health Care Decision

An MSNBC reporter breaks down the gaffes and how the SCOTUSblog bailed out the media and the White House.

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