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80% Expect Repeal of Health Care Law If Romney Wins

by Chad Peace, published

In a poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports, 80% of respondents said they expect "ObamaCare" to be repealed if Mitt Romney wins the election.  The Republican House has already voted to repeal or defund parts of the Affordable Care Act over 30 times.  With a Democratic led Senate, these attempts will continue to be in vein.  The point: even if Romney wins the Presidency, the Republicans are going to have to win the Senate and keep the House to even have a shot at full repeal.

Many Republican activists have voiced concern over the Romney campaign’s rhetorical stumbles since the U.S. Supreme Court upheld President Obama’s health care law. However, voters still overwhelmingly believe the likely GOP nominee’s claim that he will repeal the law if elected.

The sad state of our political "game" ... uh elections, is that candidates like Mitt Romney say things, like the repeal of the Health Care bill will be his top priority, that they don't mean.  If Romney wins the Presidency, my guess is that he will not want to spend the very little political capital he will have with the proverbial "left" by waging a war against a bill that, like it or hate it, is an historic measure.

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