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Today's News Tips: July 3, 2012

by Matt Metzner, published

Today's News Tip Sheet. The Independent Breakdown of Today's News.

Reuters – JPMorgan Investigated for Power Market Manipulation

the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is petitioning in federal court for the production of emails related to bidding practices in 2010 and 2011 that would have driven costs up for consumers.

Slate – Romney’s Camp Doesn’t Understand Venn Diagrams

They are supposed to overlay two subjects with similarities in the middle! Their diagram (should be flowchart) does show a pivot from healthcare to jobs.

The Atlantic – Why Have Israel and Palestine Been Peaceful Recently? The two countries have been holding to an unofficial 15-month peace agreement, with one escalation a month ago. The article looks to Egypt, Syria, and Iran for the answer as to why.

The Economist – Opinions on the Healthcare Decision

The real outcome of the decision is yet to be seen and will not be known until the law has been carried out and when the Supreme Court is faced with similar problems in the future. Several views are posited within the article.

Slate – Mexico’s New President Want to Use Economic Policy of Poorer Countries

Enrique Pena Nieto wants to follow in the footsteps of China, Brazil, and India although each are behind Mexico in development. Why are countries looking backward for economic policies to move forward? Why not emulate more successful countries?

Bloomberg – Barclay’s Top 3 Executives Quit Over Bank of England Dispute

The CEO, COO, and Chairman have all quit in response to a dispute about whether the Bank of England pushed the firm to submit artificially low interbank loan rates amid the financial crisis.

Salon – Looking at the Tax Savvy of Mitt Romney

The presidential hopeful is no novice at avoiding taxes. He pays a rate well below most Americans. The problem lies more in perception than in actuality as the system creates this ability.

The Atlantic – Andy Griffith Dead at 86

A sad day for television as the icon passed away today at his home in North Carolina. He will certainly be missed.

IVN – CO is a Tossup in November

The state only holds 9 electoral votes, but it is considered a tossup although Obama beat John McCain by 9% in 2008.

POLITICO – Clinton Apologizes to Pakistan, Announces Supply Route Agreement

The Secretary of State apologized for an American attack that left 24 Pakistani soldiers dead. Supply routes have been closed since the November incident, and the apology sparked the deal to reopen the passages.

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