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Americans vs. the Electoral College [Infographic]

by Jane Susskind, published

Since it's creation in the 18th century, the Electoral College has acted as the unchanging process in which the most powerful office of the United States Federal Government is elected; the president. America, however, has been rapidly changing, evolving, and growing, calling into question the relevancy of a two hundred year old process in modern day politics.

Most recently highlighted by the 2000 election, in which George W. Bush won the presidency but lost the popular vote, Americans are again starting to take interest in reforming the Electoral College system in favor of a more proportionate one.

The most recent Gallup poll on the issue reveals that even 11 years after Bush v. Gore, Americans are still concerned about the way in which we elect our president, with 62% saying they would amend the U.S. Constitution to replace the Electoral College with a poplar vote system.

Here's an infographic from GOOD with the background of the Electoral College, along with the alternatives. Are you a fan of the Electoral College? Or would you favor reforming the process?

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