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Today's News Tips: June 29, 2012

by Matt Metzner, published


Today's News Tip Sheet. The Independent Breakdown of Today's News.

Colbert Gives Fox and CNN a Thorough Shellacking for Yesterday’s Coverage 

POLITICO – Dems Could Still Blow it on Health Care Although the law was upheld yesterday in the Supreme Court, it is not out of the woods yet. There are several ways the Democrats could drop the ball and gut the ACA.

Slate – CO Declared a Disaster Area The president visited Colorado Springs this morning to survey the damage of a wildfire that has destroyed at least 346 homes and devastated the area. During his visit he declared the state a disaster area, allowing the state to receive federal aid.

Al Jazeera – Anti-Government Protesters Growing in Khartoum Hundreds of Sudanese protesters have taken to the streets in their capital today as police fire tear gas at them in an attempt to disperse the crowd. The UN Human Rights Chief fears heavy-handed suppression in response from al-Bashir.

Roll Call – Democrats Beat Republicans 18-5 in Congressional Baseball Game On a day where the Republicans just couldn’t win, the Democrats took them out on the diamond and dominated them in a 11-run 2nd inning, ultimately winning 18-5.

IVN – Breaking Down the Best Politicians on Social Media From affairs, to factual statements, to protecting Internet freedom, there are standouts all over the spectrum when it comes to DC lawmakers and their online presence.

Slate – Rep. Jean Smith Celebrates the Defeat of Obamacare The Republican from Ohio got pretty excited about the ACA being struck down. Her response to the actual holding is not shown.

Bloomberg – A Profile of John Paulson John Paulson made billions when the market collapsed in 2007, then last year his hedge fund had a disastrous run, losing billions. The article goes on to describe one of the top hedge fund managers on Wall Street. 

The Daily Beast – Best Memes in Response to ACA Ruling A small collection of the cleverest online responses to the Supreme Court holding.

IVN – If Congress Doesn’t Act by Saturday, Student Loan Rates Double The current federal loan rate of 3.4% is set to double to 6.8% on Saturday unless Congress can act before the deadline. Speaker Boehner is predicting a deal won’t happen.

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