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#WHChat: White House Answers Your Education Questions

by Jane Susskind, published

This week's White House Twitter Chat focuses on education, with the US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan answering questions on college affordability:

Hey - I'm here everyone, ready to answer your Qs on college affordability. Ask w/ #WHChat -Arne — Arne Duncan (@arneduncan) June 27, 2012

It's going on LIVE, right now, so feel free to get on Twitter, tweet your questions to @arneduncan and include the hashtag #WHChat to get your questions answered. Here are a few tweets from the chat so far:   Question:

Q for @arneduncan @WHLive: America's education system has fallen behind other nations'. What can we learn from them? #WHChat #DontForgetEd — Don't Forget Ed (@DontForgetEd) June 27, 2012


[email protected]DontForgetEd High performing nations all attract & retain great talent into teaching. We must elevate & strengthen the profession #whchat — Arne Duncan (@arneduncan) June 27, 2012


#WHChat How do we prepare students for college or careers when the emphasis in many schools is test scores? — Chris Cerrone (@Stoptesting15) June 27, 2012


[email protected]Stoptesting15 we are giving states flexibility from #NCLB; many are much more focused on graduation rates & college going rates. #whchat — Arne Duncan (@arneduncan) June 27, 2012


@arneduncan #WHChat Do you think that aligning high schools with postsecondary education is the critical next step in education reform? — Academies (@MyFutureMyWay) June 27, 2012


[email protected]MyFutureMyWay Yes - hugely important. More & more high school students are getting college credit before they graduate. #whchat — Arne Duncan (@arneduncan) June 27, 2012

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