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Today's News Tips: June 25, 2012

by Matt Metzner, published

Today's News Tips. Your Independent tip sheet.

SCOTUS Blog – Citizens United Solidified

Montana’s 100 year old anti-corruption law that banned corporate campaign spending has been struck down. The State’s Supreme Court held that a long history of corrupt corporate spending justified the law. The US Supreme Court reversed without hearing oral arguments or receiving briefs from either side.

SCOTUS Blog – Most of AZ Immigration Law Struck Down

The US Supreme Court struck down much to Arizona’s immigration law that made several immigration violations a state crime in addition to a federal crime. The law was overturned based on federal preemption. Police may still check immigration status when a person is detained.

AP – Obama and Romney See Immigration Reform Coming

After the Supreme Court handed down its ruling on the Arizona Immigration law, Obama and Romney both made a comment on immigration highlighting a need for reform. Obama disagrees with the police’s ability to check immigration status if the officer believes the individual is in the country illegally.

POLITICO – Jan Brewer Hails Supreme Court Ruling a ‘Victory’

The Republican governor praised the ruling which allows for immigration status checks and pledged to implement the law even-handedly. She also expects opponents to assess the opinion and challenge the provision again.

AP – Final Beam Lifted at 4 World Trade Center

In an emotional ceremony the final steel beam was lifted on the first building project at 4 World Trade Center. The office building is set to reopen next year.

WaPo – SCOTUS Strikes Mandatory Life Sentences for Juveniles

On a busy Monday, the Court held that states may not impose mandatory life sentences without the possibility of parole on juveniles convicted of murder. This is another step back from harsh mandatory sentences the Court has taken in the past week.

IVN – Mandatory Sentences for Cocaine Eased by Supreme Court

Another step back from harsh mandatory sentences was passed down on Thursday as the Court applied lighter sentences to many convicted of cocaine offenses. The Court cited a disparity in the quantity and violence involved in the crime, and racial disparity in defendants as grounds for applying the lighter sentences.

AP – Syria Shoots At Second Turkish Plane

Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister says Syrian forces have opened fire on a search and rescue plane looking for wreckage of a jet shot down by Syria on a reconnaissance mission.


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