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Lunch News Tips: June 19, 2012

by Matt Metzner, published

Your Independent News Tips of the Day.

POLITICO – Boehner Says Obama’s New Plan Will Make Immigration Deal Unlikely

This morning Speaker Boehner said at the RNC headquarters that Obama’s new immigration policy would make a bipartisan immigration policy unlikely. He called the new policy a turn to “the politics of envy and division.”

POLITICO – Paul Krugman Predicts Bigger Economic Depression Under Romney

The NY Times columnist compared Romney’s economic policies to those used in Ireland. Ireland has 14% unemployment, 20% youth unemployment, and no economic growth.

Bloomberg – Spanish Bailouts Won’t Work

Bailout loans are being directed to the Spanish government prior to them being dispersed to banks. This leaves the country on the hook for their repayment, increases their debt, and drives up their borrowing rate, Collectively these point to the same problem coming back in the future.

POLITICO – Obama Still Leading in CO

In the battleground state of CO, President Obama has a 49-42 lead over GOP hopeful Mitt Romney. 7% of voters chose Gary Johnson, who is drawing more from Romney than Obama.

Time – Gun Sales Spike in Election Year

Ammunition manufacturers have seen sales rise over 10% in the first quarter of 2012. Many point to the uncertainty of gun policy following an election. Another cause could be zombie fascination.

The Atlantic – Graphing Global Economic History Since Year 1

Take a look at the economic trends in a basic graph published by the Atlantic.

Slate – Dem. Senate Candidate Defends Obamacare in ND

In a red state, a Democratic candidate created a TV ad defending the health care law, but said that some things need to get fixed.

Bloomberg – Likely Voters Support Obama’s Immigration Policy 2-to-1

64% of likely voters surveyed said they agreed with Obama’s new immigration policy compared to 30% who disagreed. Among Independents, likely voters supported the position by more than 2-to-1.

CNN – Congressional Productivity Down 70%

Of the thousands of bills introduced in this Congress, only 132 have passed. Of those, approximately 20% were setting the official names of post offices. During the last Congress 383 bills were passed.

White House – How Refinance Proposal Will Effect Taxpayers

Senior Advisor for the National Economic Council explains the effects of the President’s refinancing proposal on taxpayers.

IVN - Points Covered in Obama Putin Meeting

The Obama, Putin meeting took place as a sidecard during the G-20 conferences being held in Los Cabos Mexico. The two leaders aren't known for being friendly toward one another, IVN has the story of why and points covered.

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