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Lunch News Tips: June 18, 2012

by Matt Metzner, published

Your Independent News Tips of the Day.

Reuters – UN Syria Mission Going Poorly

300 unarmed peacekeepers were discharged to Syria to see that the UN peace plan was implemented. Since, they have become the target of attacks by both warring factions and are consistently blamed for a rise in violence.

White House – President’s Mortgage Refinance Proposal in 60 Seconds

Watch the video to see if you may qualify under the new proposal.

Reuters – Google Censorship Requests Coming From Unsuspecting Countries

Over 12,000 pieces of content have been the focus of censorship requests from international governments. Many of these requests pinpoint political speech. In some instances the content is illegal offline, Nazi propaganda in Germany, others is simply controversial.

The Atlantic – Romney Doesn’t Think Congress has War Powers Concerning Iran

Yesterday on Face the Nation Mitt Romney said in response to a question on Iran that “I don’t believe… if I’m president that we need to have a war powers approval or special authorization for military force. The president has that capacity.”

SCOTUS Blog – Supreme Court Issuing Opinions

Click here to watch a replay of the live blog.

Reuters – China Docks at Space Station

In a trial run toward building a space station for long-term stays, a team of 4 Chinese astronauts, including their first female astronaut, has docked at their space station for a 13-day mission.

AP – Campaign Ads Focusing on News Shows

In contested states presidential campaign ads are starting to pop up during news shows, daytime TV, and late-night spots. The strategy is meant to focus attention on the people who set the agendas in their communities.

The Atlantic – 35 Photos From Western Wildfires

A collection of photos from the wildfires raging across the southwest.

POLITICO – Restore Our Future Buys 2 Weeks of Ads

The pro-Romney super PAC has bought close to two weeks worth of airtime in battleground states. The buy comes after the group received $10M from Sheldon Adelson.

POLITICO – Mexican President Calderon Praises Obama’s Immigration Move

The Mexican president has called Obama’s statement on immigration “unprecedented” and praised the “valor and courage” necessary to take the position.

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