California Budget Protest [Photo Story]

Governor Jerry Brown has proposed tough budget cuts in an effort to close California’s $15.7 billion deficit, including to health and human services. Ongoing talks this week between Democratic leaders and Gov. Brown have continued as they seek consensus before the retooled budget goes for a floor vote this Friday.

Not one to be left out of the conversation, California’s powerful union interests have organized mass protests against Gov. Brown’s proposed cuts. Here’s a look at scenes on the ground:

Members of Service Employees International Union line up in front of Governor Jerry Brown's office fora photo opportunity before joining the crowds outside to protest his proposed budget cuts.
Sandwich boards aid protestors in getting the message across.
No shortage of protestors on hand yesterday at California's State Capitol yesterday. Protestors came fully equipped with tents and umbrellas, not to mention lunch.
A personal touch with message boards featuring notes and photos from those that would be impacted by Gov. Brown's cuts to health and human services.
Protestors also came equipped with art and displayed works around the Capitol lawns.