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Lunch Tips: June 11, 2012

by Matt Metzner, published

IVN – Obama Focusing Fundraising Efforts on CA

After trailing Romney in fundraising, Obama’s re-election campaign has focused its attention on the Golden State for fundraising. The campaign has been pulling their largest amounts of funds from Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

WSJ – Investors Fleeing Spanish Bonds in Wake of Bailout Plan

Spain has accepted a $125B bailout to recapitalize its banks as fears rise that the whole country would be dragged down with its failing lenders. Investors are hesitant because the funds are coming from the European Stability Mechanism, a senior lender, who would collect if Spain defaults on its repayment.

The Daily Beast – Jeb Bush 2016?

The news source speculates that Jeb Bush may be angling for a presidential run in 2016. Jeb also highlighted hyper-partisanship and his expectations that the moment will pass although he blamed Obama for running a partisan administration.

Reuters – S&P Says CA Needs to Cut More Spending

A report from Standard & Poor’s shows that CA state spending as a share of the state economy is the lowest in 39 years. But, the report also shows that the dysfunctional income tax system and slashed spending will not be enough to overcome the state’s budget deficit.

POLITICO – Baucus Moving Toward Tax Overhaul

The Democratic Senator from Montana and head of the Senate Finance Committee seems to be laying the groundwork for a major tax overhaul. The last overhaul occurred in 1986, and that tax code has been changed 15,000 times since.

POLITICO – SCOTUS Won’t Hear Arguments on Obama Citizenship

Alan Keyes, Wiley Drake, and Markham Robinson petitioned the Court to hear arguments regarding the authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate after it has been verified multiple times by Hawaiian authorities. The 9th Circuit ruled that the trio did not have standing to pursue a claim.

Reuters – Putin Opposition Leaders Being Searched

In the lead up to major protests against the Russian leader, the heads of an opposition movement have had their homes searched, have been detained for questioning, and had fines hiked for violating public order.

Al Jazeera – What Threats Do Whistleblowers Face from Obama Administration

Obama pointed out the importance of whistleblowers on the campaign trail, but his administration has been cracking down on them as six have been charged under the Espionage Act.

AP – Syrian Government is Shelling Homs Heavily [VIDEO]

Multiple explosions rock the central city that has been a major scene of fighting between government troops and opposition supporters.

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