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Republican National Hispanic Assembly Endorses Matt Mendoza

by Matt Mendoza, published


San Diego, CA – Matt Mendoza, conservative candidate for State Assembly 79th District, has been endorsed by The Republican National Hispanic Assembly led by Richard Loa.

Loa states in his endorsement letter, “We firmly believe that your (Matt Mendoza) strong commitment to conservative principles and your vision that Hispanic conservatives are vital to the future of the GOP is the leadership that California and the Republican Party needs in the years to follow”.

On The Republican National Hispanic Assembly organization website it states, The Republican National Hispanic Assembly was founded for building a membership organization to foster the principles of the Republican Party in Hispanic communities; to provide Hispanic Americans with a forum to play an influential role in local, state, and national Party activities; to increase the number of Hispanic Republican elected officials; and to create and maintain a network of Hispanic Republican leaders.

After reviewing Matt Mendoza's principles and leadership abilities the Republican National Hispanic Assembly strongly believes that Matt Mendoza is the only candidate running for the State Assembly 79th District that can be an effective leader, not only for Hispanic citizens, but all citizens of the 79th District.

For more information about The Republican National Hispanic Assembly, visit their website at Also, Matt Mendoza received the endorsement of Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, a key leader in the campaign for protecting Proposition 13 and promoting Taxpayers’ Rights. For more information about Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, visit their website at

To find out more about Matt Mendoza and why he is running for State Assembly of the 79thDistrict, visit his website at http://www.MattMendoza.US

Website: www.MattMendoza.US

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