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Independents Hitting the Opt-Out Button

by Tisha Casida, published

Republicans versus Democrats, liberals versus conservatives, Hayek versus Keynes, religion versus spirituality– unlike an independent mindset, the “us versus them” mentality and modality can be quite divisive. Who are you? What are your labels? And is pitting yourself against others an effective means of accomplishing what you want?

As an independent candidate for the US Congress, I have certainly said it and will continue to do so: “I am fighting for a cause.” My particular cause is the constitutionality of the federal government, including adopting a “sound” monetary policy. But is “fighting against” as effective as not fighting, but rather “opting out” of participating in any fights?  Much like the concepts and philosophies of power; you can use “power over” something or you can use “power with” it– and these means and ends can be used for anything– good or evil. But rather than acquiring power for whatever means, perhaps it is most effective to opt-out of the grid that controls that power. In that, you experience your true power.

This may all seem like fluffy philosophical riffraff that may or may not make independent voters think. However, for a couple generations of people that may be fairly tired of the system as it is operating now– maybe our best bet and greatest solution is a chance to opt-out of it. I am a citizen of Colorado. I live in the United States. And I do not want any of my wealth going to the federal government for Medicare or Social Security.

Instead, I want to use my wealth to build a savings account for my own preventative health care (vs. sick-care), and I want invest in my own retirement on my own terms. I think I can do a better job than the politicians in DC, who are out of touch with what it takes to “make it” in the world today. So why can’t I have an opt-out button from these programs?

Many people stuck in the Republican versus Democrat paradigm– two parties that stand for nothing that they say they do and neither of which seem to be able to accomplish their policy goals despite having more and more of the taxpayer’s money– tell people to “pick a side.” But I have chosen to hit the opt-out button.  Their partisan double-speak and erosion of individuals’ liberties is nothing that I want to participate in.  I am opting out of their system.  You can too.

Fear and terror– constantly dictated to your psyche by the press and most politicians –these are the tools used to manipulate your freedom. When we act out of fear we forget about the dignity inherent in our humanity. There are plenty of reasons to worry, but that generally does nothing good to get you out of a bad situation. Our only choice is to stop acting out of fear and start acting out of love.  We can opt-out of the fear-matrix that controls so much of our lives– and in doing this, we realize our power and freedom.

I am hitting the opt-out button.  So can you.

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