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In California: The Rules have Changed

by Independent Voter Project, published

The Rules in California have Changed.  For the first time, California's voters can vote in the primary for any candidate, regardless of party affiliation.  IVN's Online Independent Voter Survey is being conducted from May 14th through May 22nd in selected California Congressional and Legislative Districts chosen based upon the likely opportunity for independent voters to influence the outcome of the elections as a result of the change in rules. The survey will be conducted and secured by Everyone Counts, the nation's leading online voting firm. Results will be published by on May 23rd.

The Districts are:

  1. Congressional Districts: CD10, CD 26, and CD 52
  2. Assembly District: AD28

The Independent Voter Network (IVN) is a new kind of news network,  an online news platform for communication between independent-minded voters, public officials, civic leaders, and journalists.  The Independent Voter Network is dedicated to providing political  analysis and rational commentary in an effort to elevate the level of our public discourse.

IVN is a program of the Independent Voter Project (IVP), authors of California's new Open Primary.  IVP is dedicated to restoring the importance of open dialogue, engagement, and constructive compromise in our political system, unfiltered by the partisanship that drives the larger public dialogue.  IVP defines “independent” as people, positions, or information not dictated by a partisan point of view.”

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What are you going to do with the results?  Answer: Publish them on May 23rd
  2. Are you going to know who votes? Answer: No
  3. Why aren't you letting everyone vote? Answer: Because IVP has limited resources so we are targeting our efforts in districts where independents are likely to have the largest impact.

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