CRP Chairman Kicks Off Conference Stressing Solutions


Kicking off the 2012 California Republican Conference, CRP Chairman Thomas Del Beccaro spoke of his vision of the state party this election cycle.

“I don’t think it’s going to be a particularly good Democratic year,” Chairman Del Beccaro declared at Friday’s press conference.

Common talking points from his luncheon address and press conference were messages of inclusion and growth of the Republican brand in California. Chairman Del Beccaro highlighted at multiple points during the day the Latino, Asian and Youth Townhalls scheduled for this weekend. As chairman, he spoke on his desire for direct communication with these voters located in districts across the state,

“We’re pushing social media boundaries and technology in order to reach new levels.”

The party announced the development of a mobile device application set to launch in March, as part of a broader drive to increase the California GOP’s outreach scope towards newer generations and diverse demographics.

Del Beccaro says he’s dedicated towards the growth of the party in the face of state redistricting, “The way the lines were drawn, and there’s no secret about my thoughts, it was done less-than-above the board.”

“But that’s speaking to the past. Republicans need to move towards positions that will help in the future.”

Despite current minority numbers, the chairman spoke of a bright future for the Republican party in the state while acknowledging that progress will take time,

“We need Republican candidates to run behind popular ideas. Sadly, Republicans in the past haven’t integrated with those ideas.”

When asked about changes in the California elections, particularly open primaries, the chairman was indifferent,

“It’s not changing procedures that is going to bring back Republicans. Independents rise and fall based on whether the major parties are providing solutions, so our focus is not on procedural rules, but on practical solutions. Changing procedural rules is not how to move our brand forward.”

For Chairman Del Beccaro, the path forward for the Republican party in California centers on turning the conversation away from rhetoric and towards solutions framed in terms that voters can understand, “If all you do is label, it solves nothing. People can’t eat labels. People can’t use labels at the grocery store.”

“Don’t talk about billions saved or wasted, illustrate it in ways they can see it.”

“I tell our candidates all the time, in order to reach voters, come with practical solutions,” Del Beccaro continued. “Regardless of the system, Republicans need to do a better job at that. That is the key”