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Boehner Takes Shot at Constituent and Kardashians in Payroll Tax Cut Debate

by Kymberly Bays, published









Press Secretaries in Washington, DC have an interesting job. They have their finger on the pulse of the media, the American people, and must speak on behalf of powerful individuals. Enter, Michael Steel, Speaker of the House John Boehner’s Press Secretary.

Mr. Steel was addressed by a constituent writing their first letter to Congress on December 20. Expressing their outrage with the House blocking the extension of the Payroll Tax Holiday, the constituent compared Speaker Boehner to the Kardashians. In the message addressed to Michael Steel, he writes:









It’s hardly news that Boehner and the rest of the House have a tendency to act like pop-stars from time to time for their political advantage. In addition to their diva-esque ways, GOP Members have been pandering to the select few for years, although the underlying sentiment has rarely come to the forefront. Michael Steel’s response to this concerned constituent embodies his and his boss’ attitude toward Americans:






The arrogance embodied in the response is extraordinary. Not only did Mr. Steel take the time to respond to this concerned citizen on his blackberry, but he took a shot at someone who is a self-described conservative.

We often argue over what is wrong with government and how we may have the opportunities to fix it. But, with Michael Steel’s response it seems clear that we are losing sight of what our partisan politicians would like us to be focusing on, which Kardashian they most closely resemble. Considering the crying and tendency to do anything for money, we must assert that Mr. Boehner would resemble Kim. Kourtney seems a better fit for Mr. Steel who has acquired his status on the coat tails of another and is often confused for another, more recognizable person, Michael Steele.


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