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We Asked, You Answered!

by Jane Susskind, published

We Asked, You Answered! is the first of a series of weekly polls. We want to hear from you! What does the term independent voter mean to you?

The results are in! And among the diverse set of answers we received, it seems one thing’s for sure: independent voters cannot be labeled. Some lean to the left, some to the right, but either way, independent voters are a group of independently minded, diverse, politically active citizens. Here’s what some people had to say: 

  • I like being registered as an Independent Voter. Even though I am “left leaning” I identify strongly with neither political party. I believe there is room for liberal, conservative and progressive thought and solutions to our country’s problems. -Ann Marie McDaniel
  • It means neither party can just take my vote for granted…I’ll vote policies rather than party line…they have to earn my vote! -Deb Murata 
  • Someone who votes for a candidate based on that candidates responses to important issues, rather than based on their party affiliation. -anonymous
  • One who doesn’t agree 100% w D’s or R’s and can choose that both parties (or in some cases none) have valid points. -anonymous 
  • Easy. I use my “independent” brain to vote on different issues/candidate. I DO NOT toe the party line! -Lynn Milner Walker 

Thank you to everyone who participated; your input is what keeps us going! Tune in for next week’s poll about the topics you want to hear about in the debates and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter 

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