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Nearly 2/3 of Americans oppose Afghanistan War

by Ryan Jaroncyk, published

Entering its tenth year, the Afghanistan War continues to grow increasingly unpopular with the American public.  In the latest CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey, a record 63% of Americans expressed opposition.  Here was the partisan breakdown:

Republicans- 52% support, 44% oppose

Democrats- 24% support, 74% oppose

Independents- 35% support, 63% oppose

2010 was the bloodiest year of the nearly decade-long conflict, with a record number of American troops (498) & NATO troops (711) killed, a 20% increase in civilian deaths, a record number of IED attacks, and a major increase in the number of kidnapped journalists.  In addition, Pakistan suffered a record number of deaths caused by suicide bombings.

Since the war started in 2001, 1,445 U.S. troops have been killed, and the U.S. has spent just over $381 billion.  And since Obama became President, the U.S. has increased troop levels by 51,000, accelerated the rate of spending, and launched a record number of Drone attacks inside Pakistan.

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