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Jesse Ventura says it's time to abolish parties

by Ryan Jaroncyk, published

Former 3rd party Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura claims that political parties, including third parties, should be abolished in order to root out corruption in a broken system. 

In a recent ABC Good Morning America interview, Ventura, who some claim may launch an Independent bid for President in 2012, cited historical support from George Washinton, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams, who explicitly warned against the potentially deleterious consequences of party politics long ago.  Instead, Ventura advocates removing party labels from ballots and demoting the parties themselves to PACs.  He argues that Americans would then have to vote for an individual as opposed to mindlessly voting the party line.

Though his position may raise a number of logistical issues, the philosophical crux of his argument is a thought-provoking one, especially considering the current political and economic climate.  A heightened awareness of the Founding Fathers, particularly evident in the Ron Paul and Tea Party movements, a crippling Recession, and a populace growing more disenchanted with counter-productive partisanship could eventually generate the conditions necessary to consider such a controversial proposition.

While Ventura is often a lightning rod for controversy, his fearless quest to inspire critical thinking and and to propose outside-the-box solutions may serve an important role in disrupting a status quo that continues to fail Main St America.  Perhaps the time has come to get creative and take a fresh look at all of the available options.  

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