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California Assembly swears to clean up the state's foul language

by Alan Markow, published

Thank God (can I say that?) the legislature is on it when it comes to the big issues.  No cussing week is finally a reality in California.  About time, dammit.  Too many potty-mouth Californians are probably at the heart of our serious problems:  the budget crisis, poor educational results throughout the state, massive traffic jams.  If only that driver hadn’t cursed before he shot the guy who cut him off on the 5. 

But let’s get serious.  This curseless California idea is the brainchild of a junior high school student, so it deserves the attention of our adolescent-brained legislators.  At the core of the legislation is the key to its success:  no teeth whatsoever.  Californians could curse at the top of their lungs all week and not be cited for breaking the state’s laws.  WTF?

Look, I don’t want to make fun of the effort to civilize our discourse, but cursing has an honored place in our society.  It’s colorful, it’s direct, and – most of all – it’s fun.  Once you reach a certain age, you should be free to curse all you want with impunity.  Curselessness is for kids.  That’s why we should never have paid attention to this teenager from Pasadena who wants us all to regress to his age.

This bill is also an attempt (albeit, a toothless one) to legislate morality – something that I resent and I think most of my fellow Californians resent as well.  I couldn’t expect junior high school students to understand, but I think our esteemed legislators should know it deep in their souls.

I’m sure I won’t be the first or the last to suggest that the Assembly get back to work on real problems and quit making nice with Pasadena teens who just don’t know the value of a good curse.

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