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An Independent Decision

by Thomas Sbrega, published

Arambula expresses disappointment over the state's water problem solutions and the Democratic leaders who curb the deficit by raising taxes without deeper cuts using "phantom money" (LA Times). Although he recently received some new committee assignments by Speaker Karen Bass, Assemblymember Juan Arambula declined to state the actual reason for departing from the Democrat party to become independent, Contra Costa Times reports.  He also "declined to state” his party affiliation, meaning that he is an independent voter, under California election laws (Fresno Bee).

He is not a Republican, however. Although he has voted for tax increases in the past, he admits that: “there is a time and place to do so.” He doesn’t deny doing so this time, saying: “The reality is that we are unlikely to get a two-thirds (vote) to raise taxes, so whether I might support them in limited situations or not is an academic issue” (Sacramento Bee). “Independent voters are the canaries in the coal mine of American politics,” the Wall Street Journal reports, “They also tend to decide most elections.” The article goes on to suggest that Democrats are “renting” their voters and don’t “own” them, hence a reconcilement is not out of the question.

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