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SEIU Disappointed in Gov.’s Speech

by Thomas Sbrega, published

SEIU Executive Vice President Eliseo Medina says:  “Governor Schwarzenegger’s proposed cuts to home care would add up to 340,000 people to the ranks of the unemployed, moving California’s unemployment rate to 12.8 percent--nearly tied with Michigan for the highest in the nation. This is exactly the opposite of what California needs.”  Although these “irresponsible cuts will cost the state over a billion dollars a year in lost federal funds, and untold billions over the long term… worse still is the human toll. Approximately 395,000 elderly or disabled Californians would lose the services they need to live at home.”  Expensive nursing homes provide an alternative - but for most this is less than realistic.  Read the full article and visit their website for more information on the “true costs of these cuts” by clicking here.

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