Why Hollywood is torn on Prop. 8 activism

Proposition 8 continues to bitterly divide many parts of California, and Hollywood is not immune. The LA Times reports today that Hollywood businesses and public figures
are being targeted for their support of the same-sex marriage ban. From the Times:

Should there be boycotts, blacklists, firings or de facto shunning of those who supported Proposition 8?

the issue consuming many in liberal Hollywood who fought to defeat the
initiative banning same-sex marriage and are now reeling with
recrimination and dismay. Meanwhile, activists continue to comb donor
lists and employ the Internet to expose those who donated money to
support the ban.

Already out is Scott Eckern, director of the
nonprofit California Musical Theatre in Sacramento, who resigned after
a flurry of complaints from prominent theater artists, including
“Hairspray” composer Marc Shaiman, when word of his contribution to the
Yes on 8 campaign surfaced.

Other targets include Film Independent, the nonprofit arts
organization that puts on both the Los Angeles Film Festival and the
Spirit Awards; the Cinemark theater chain; and the Sundance Film

For many in Hollywood, the Proposition 8 backlash represents a
troubling clash of free speech, religious beliefs and the right to
fight intolerance. Many supporters of same-sex marriage view the state
constitutional amendment as codified bigotry, a rollback of civil
liberties for gays and lesbians.

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