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The Race for Governor: Feinstein in 2010?

by Indy, published

With elections over for more than a week now, you better get ready for the never ending campaign season to pick right back up.

With Arnold on his way out, a Republican party unable to define itself, and the 2008 elections dominated by Democrats (and Obama's near 2/3 majority in California for the Presidential election), the San Francisco Chronicle reports that a lot of political heavyweights are waiting to hear an official decision from Dianne Feinstein on whether she will seek the highest office in the state.

From the Chronicle:

The 2010 governor's race may be a ways off, but one thing is clear - none of California's wannabe big shots is waiting for Sen. Dianne Feinstein to make up her mind on whether she'll run.

Many of her fellow Democrats are betting that Feinstein will stay in Washington as the new chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Feinstein has said she still has a year to decide on a potential Sacramento run. But whether she's in or out, the jockeying for position is already in full swing:

-- Attorney General Jerry Brown and his wife and unofficial campaign manager, Anne Gust, have been meeting with donors, labor leaders and backers to tie up early endorsements for governor. Unlike other likely candidates, Brown has tremendous name recognition among voters. Plus, as A.G., he has a bully pulpit that he can take up and down the state. So Brown won't need the $20 million the other hopefuls need to raise...

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