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Open primaries another path to moderation?

by Indy, published

The Contra Costa Times reports that the Governor supports open primaries as a way to force the two parties to work together better:

SACRAMENTO — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger likely will go to the end of his days in the Capitol frustrated by the unwillingness of the two major parties to work together, especially in times of crisis.

But he apparently is trying to plant the seeds of compromise for future governors, having led the successful redistricting ballot initiative, which he contends will make lawmakers more responsive to the needs of constituents.

He will soon pivot to another pet reform that he says he hopes would bring even more levelheadedness to Sacramento: open primaries.

"The next thing is open primaries," Schwarzenegger told a crowd during a late October rally in San Diego. "That's how we have to walk down that road and create the real change."

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